We strive to provide a positive healing environment with evidence based treatment approaches, focusing on manual therapy and exercise.

We participate as an active part of our community and remain inclusive to people from all walks of life.


About Us

Redbird Physio is built by a team oriented, close-knit group of people. We work together and we are weekend warriors together. Because we are athletes, adventurers and outdoor enthusiasts, we understand with first hand experience that when we play, there is an association of risk. We help each other and we heal each other so that we can get back to our adventure. We want our patients feel the same.

We are here to help you arise as a winner, beating life’s challenges and defeating hard times. We will help your inner Redbird, rise up and rebirth from the ashes of the past so you can get back to your adventure.


Our Story

Andy Fecteau and Denny Dragan met at Pacific University while studying Physical Therapy in 1990. Andy moved to Bend, OR in 1995 and co-founded Rebound Physical Therapy with his wife Kathy. In 1996 Denny came to work part-time for Andy and then full-time as Andy’s official first employee in 2000. After16 years together in Physical Therapy, the partnership became official when they founded Redbird Physio together in 2016.


Rise up and get back to your adventure.

Let us help you start to heal.