I have have been a professional snowboarder for over 25 years. My career has basically consisted of snowboarding every day and crashing a lot.

I first started seeing Denny Dragan about 20 years ago for a neck pain that developed from a broken rib combined with an old shoulder injury. Denny helped me manage these problems so I could keep snowboarding that season (which was important to me at the time) and gave me the exercises and knowledge needed to properly recover.

Since that first appointment, I have received Denny’s advice on every new injury, old pain and weird muscle imbalance that I have developed through my life of standing sideways on a snowboard. I have no doubt that my career as a professional athlete would have been much shorter without him helping me out along the way.

I feel he is the best physical therapist in the world because he is knowledgeable, curious, clever, passionate and realistic in helping his clients recover quickly from injuries and preventing the problems from happening again.
— Josh Dirksen, Bend, OR

I’m an ex-professional athlete, who’s undergone more surgery/rehab cycles than a body should have to endure. So many surgeons, physical therapists and acupuncturists – both in Europe and the USA - have put me back together over the years to fight another day. But all those talented people together don’t possess the combination of brilliance, intuition, foresight, compassion, tenacity and the unteachable, pure natural ability to heal that Denney Dragen has. He was born to do what he does – help people live fuller, richer lives by maximizing their physical potential – whether recovering from injury, or developing habits to move through life more efficiently, without pain. He understands the mechanics of the human body on a level that seems, well, inhuman. He has, for lack of a more formal term, “the gift.” His hands are literally empathetic – he can immediately find the source of a problem, and just as quickly devise a solution to solve it. That said, he – along with the other ultra-talented Physical Therapists, a team of amazing people – have built Redbird Physio into what I consider to be a World-Class PT facility that we’re fortunate to have here in Bend, one that truly understands how to make people’s lives better.
— Aaron smith, bend, or

I’ve been to multiple PT facilities in Bend for the last 10+ years due to multiple fractures in my spine and spondylosis. But I have had more results in less time when visiting Redbird. Last year I was training for the Cascade Lakes Relay and I started having achilles issues that led to pain in my calf, outside of my leg all the way to my low back and hip. Jackie Parker Smelser was a true gift in quick recovery. I had never experienced such quick results from just one PT appointment. I kept seeing Jackie and I was able to keep running while healing. She gave me exercises and work to do at home during my training. Although I was pretty nervous to race, it went seamlessly. I found my PT for life and will continue to see Jackie whenever needed in the future!
— Emily McMahon, Bend, OR

I started seeing Bre Crawford after a complicated hip surgery. I have had hip issues for 26 years. She used the phrase “a lot of history” in my hips. That summed it up for me. I am often dismissed as a regular hip replacement and she saw that it was so much more than that. I am not sure why, but I decided to try someone else a year later when my symptoms continued to worsen. No one understood the history with my hips like Bre did. I was having a pain in my lower leg and the other therapists claimed it was referral pain. I had had enough and realized all my good info about my hips and pain had come from Bre. I made an appointment with Bre and she gave me direction that helped. She agreed that the lower leg pain was from another source and gave me exercises and massage to help me. She also made the effort to connect with Scott Peterson for my orthotics. I feel like I have a new lease on life. Work was something I dreaded because of the pain of standing all day. I wasn’t able to do much at all. I feel so much better. I have energy and am taking walks with my husband and dog regularly. She is truly a miracle worker!! I am a hairdresser and I love my job again and tell anyone who will listen that Bre is the one to see if they need physical therapy!
— Michelle McCracken, Bend, OR

My doctor recommended physical therapy for my chronic low back pain. I did not want to go to a clinic where you saw a physical therapy assistant and only had a few minutes with the actual physical therapist. She recommended Redbird Physio because you work directly with the physical therapist, not an assistant. The front office staff is friendly, knowledgable, and very helpful, and the Redbird physical therapy has worked miracles on my back! Unfortunately, I fell and broke my elbow a few months later and I was back at Redbird. Once again Redbird was there to help. I was able to get my full flex and extension back and regain my strength using their gym at the facility. Since I started there, my husband, his ski buddy and wife have also become patients at Redbird.
— Becky B., Bend, OR

I have dealt with chronic back pain for 15 years and have worked with other PT’s during that time. I have learned more in one year from working with Redbird than I have in the last 15 from other PT practices.

What really sets Redbird apart from other Physical Therapy practices is the one-on-one time patients are able to spend with their physical therapist. Redbird does not rely on physical therapy assistants.

My PT, Denny is totally invested in reducing my pain and helping me get back to doing the things I need and love to do. He uses a variety of techniques to treat my underlying pain. Denny also has exceptional observational and communication skills. He takes the time to demonstrate, explain and review exercises with me to ensure I’m able to do them correctly. Denny breaks exercises down into small, understandable building blocks. As my posture, and strength improves, he teaches me new exercises building on the foundation I’ve been able to learn through working directly with him. I highly recommend Redbird Physio therapy to anyone!
— Patty Sullivan, Bend, OR